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    Chicana/Latina Studies
    volume 5 number 1 (Fall 2005)
    Authors:   Karen Mary Davalos and Alicia Partnoy
    Title:  Editors' Commentary
    Abstract:   none available
    Pages: 6 - 7
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    Author:   Dora Ramirez-Dhoore
    Title:  The Cyberborderlands: Surfing the Web for Xicanidad
    Abstract:   This essay examines the concept of mestiza consciousness, how technology subsumes physical identity, and how the writer/artist can respond to that disembodiment on the (World Wide) Web. Laura Molina's http://www.Nakeddave.com and Bianca Ortiz's http://www.mestiza.com are the focal point of this essay. Through their work I address the following questions: 1) should the mestiza consciousness be an "ideological football" (Nakamura, 102) used to explain racial experiences online for everyone; 2) does the Web provide Xican@s a place to write their bodies, minds, and identity while opening up a critical discussion about embodiment; and 3) how does the language in which Xican@s write affect the perception of a racialized and gendered body on the World Wide Web in reference to the off-line world? This essay focuses on the way Molina and Ortiz offer a fuller understanding of the mestiza consciousness online because of the way their bodies and ideologies are often seen as "outsiders" of the World Wide Web. [Key words: internet, cyberart, mestiza consciousness, Chicana, cyberspace, Laura Molina, Bianca Ortiz]
    Pages: 10 - 47
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    Author:   Juana Suárez
    Title:  Prácticas de Solidaridad: Los documentales de Marta Rodríguez
    Abstract:   Marta Rodrí­guez is a Colombian filmmaker whose career spans over forty years. This article offers a chronology of her documentaries, underlining the most important themes of her work. At the same time, the discussion illustrates the evolution of Rodrí­guez's work from the times of the so called New Latin American Cinema to her recent works in video format. Later, the author moves to analyze some issues that unfold from the aesthetic treatment and thematic approach of Rodrí­guez's work. Central to the discussion is an elaboration on how the process of production of some of her documentaries may or may not be inscribed within the realm of possibilities and limitations of testimonial cinema.
    Pages: 48 - 75
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    Author:   Elizabeth Rodriguez Kessler
    Title:  "She's the Dreamwork Inside Someone Else's Skull": La Malinche and the Battles Waged for Her Autonomy
    Abstract:   The descriptions of Doña Marina/La Malinche by contemporary scholars involve two opposing philosophies: the patriarchal hegemony of premodern essentialist tradition led by Octavio Paz or the feminist approach privileging a constructionist form of identity development led by Adelaida Del Castillo, Norma Alarcón, and others. I suggest a third approach: a psychological view arising from an examination of her behavior. Marina displays behavior consistent with dominant society psychological theories as well as with the Mexican American interactive model created by Raymond T. Garza and Jack P. Lipton. Thus, through the application of discourse theory, I suggest that Doña Marina/ La Malinche can be reconstructed using a literary naturalistic approach that reveals previously unexplored psychological aspects that possibly led to her behavior and that she can be read as the archetype of Gloria Anzaldúa's new mestiza. [Keywords: essentialism, constructionist, literary Naturalism, Stockholm Syndrome, identity, behavior, new mestiza]
    Pages: 76 - 109
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    Author:   Rose Rodriguez
    Title:  Tortillas y Cuentos: Grabbing My Two Worlds with My Own Two Hands
    Abstract:   This testimony was originally a plenary presentation for the 2004 MALCS Summer Institute and Conference in Seattle, Washington. The author's narrative concerns decolonization and both the cultures in which she grew up and the one in which she lives.
    Pages: 112 - 118
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    Author:   Nora Strejilevich
    Title:  A Luis se lo Llevaron para que No Suceda Más
    Abstract:   creative writing
    Pages: 120 - 122
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    Author:   Rosalí­a Solórzano Torres
    Title:  Ausencia
    Abstract:   poetry
    Pages: 126 - 126
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    Author:   Norma Alarcón
    Title:  Death Awakens Us
    Abstract:   poetry
    Pages: 128 - 134
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    Authors:   Florentina Alegre and Mujeres Creando
    Title:  Solamente Somos un Tumulto de Defensa para Facilitar el Paro
    Abstract:   Commentary
    Pages: 138 - 139
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    Author:   Lara Medina
    Title:  Chicanas/Latinas and Catholicism under Pope Benedict XVI
    Abstract:   Commentary
    Pages: 140 - 142
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