Taking a Break

8) Happy Virtual Thanksgiving! 

This will be a short post because I’ve been ill for weeks; no, not COVID. I hope everyone will be safe and avoid giving in to pandemic fatigue this winter holiday season. 

I had planned to share an early draft of an online web-graveyard. It would have been filled with defunct digital objects like old websites and email listservs. However, a heating pad and sleep dominate my time. I am very tired of back spasms and stomach spasms, which I am sure are stress related.

Instead,  you can also read about my early development as a digital humanities scholar, https://currents.dwrl.utexas.edu/2009/bridging-difference.html.* In general, the article provides examples of how Chicana literature can be used to create digital projects. It also provides insights into the tools available in the early days of the Internet in the 90s.

* The article has four pages: Home, Play, Learn, and Share. Be sure to click the additional pictures available on each page.  


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