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    Chicana/Latina Studies
    volume 22 number 1 (Fall 2022)
    Author:   Avis Charley
    Title:  Matriarchal Strength and Indigenous Identity Through Art
    Abstract:   ARTIST STATEMENT
    Pages: 10 - 13
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    Authors:   Judith Flores Carmona, Manal Hamzeh and Georgina Badoni
    Title:  Centering Native Women’s Art and Our Transborderly Feminista Editorial Praxis
    Pages: 16 - 22
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    Authors:   Caridad Souza and Karina L Cespedes
    Title:  Dispatches from an Afro-Latinx Decolonial Feminism
    Abstract:   As women of color feminists connected to Lucumi traditions this article traverses multiple intellectual, geographical and spiritual terrains as part of a journey which recognizes our engagement with, and connection to Black and Chicana feminisms. Here, we expand the seats at the proverbial women of color kitchen table to make room for an AfroLatinx decolonial feminism that sits adjacent to, but independent from both Chicana and Black feminism. Exploring these disparate locations provides a blueprint for our reckoning with the afterlife of colonization and slavery through a diasporic decolonial consciousness and resistance. Working with testimonio as a method and methodology we build a lingua franca through which to communicate the particularities of our consciousness and resistance to coloniality. We map an AfroLatinx feminist standpoint as ni de aquí, ni de allá, and as constituting an “ontology of knowing” that both materially and discursively mark the various worlds.
    Pages: 26 - 65
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    Author:   Ramon Pineda, Jr.
    Title:  Dissonant Deejays of Cumbia Sonidero: Cultivating Queer Vibes and Mujerista Mentorship
    Abstract:   Informed by a soniderx methodology, I conducted participant observation and pláticas with ten womxn or queer deejays to theorize their soniderx practices. I built upon Deborah Vargas’s use of “dissonance,” an interruption or disruption to “heteronormative and cultural nationalist limits of Borderlands subjectivities and cultural histories” to characterize the work of these soniderxs. Dissonance— rather than the oft-used analytic of “resistance”—allows me to break from a dialectical opposition to oppressive systems of empire (heteronormativity, patriarchy, capitalism, etc.) and ‘aquí/allá subjectivities.’ Additionally, I employ José Esteban Muñoz’s concept of queer utopia to ground the term “vibe” as an analytic to describe the sonic futurity these deejays cultivate during their performances. Fueled by feminista empowerment and convivencia, vibe is produced by queer women of color and gender non-conforming deejays commanding turntables, creating ecstatic moments that constitute a potentiality and a horizon of possibility (Muñoz 2009). Grounded in the Afro-diasporic genres cumbia and reggaetón, the vibe generated by soniderxs signals possibility and futurity to envision a world that centers and connects non-normative identities and cultures.
    Pages: 66 - 95
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    Author:   Nancy Quiñones
    Title:  Entremetidas: Women, Humor, Cine and Gendered Mexican Identities
    Abstract:   This paper demonstrates how the compelling humor of María Victoria Cervantes, the cantankerous criada bien criada, Ángelines Fernández Abad, the celebrated bruja del 71 and María Elena Velasco Fragoso, Mexico’s favorite “India María” made explicit aesthetic selections to create nuanced and alternative Mexican female identities. Cervantes, Fernández Abad, and Velasco Fragoso strategically navigate the pleasurable, oppositional, and transformational in and through the unexpected nuances of performance and humor. Even as humor appears to be intransitive and inconsequential, Cervantes, Fernández Abad, and Velasco Fragoso comedically perform and showcase the unspoken and deliver an indictment on hegemonic and oppressive patriarchy. These comedic actors negotiate the boundaries of gender, cultural privilege, and power hierarchies within the context of early to mid-twentieth century Mexican humor.
    Pages: 96 - 119
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    Author:   Grisel Y Acosta
    Title:  Get Ready to Laugh, Cry, and Innovate: Latina Theater Works
    Pages: 122 - 123
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    Author:   Adriana Domínguez
    Title:  Jarabe
    Abstract:   none available
    Pages: 124 - 132
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    Author:   Michelle Elizabeth Navarrete
    Title:  Rituals
    Abstract:   none available
    Pages: 134 - 134
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    Author:   Teresa Veramendi
    Title:  Sanctuario | Sanctuary
    Abstract:   none available
    Pages: 136 - 152
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    Author:   Jenny Lídice Saldaña
    Title:  My Name Is (Jenny and Patrick)
    Title: Bride of Frankenboobie: PINK: The Chronicles of BC Jenny
    Title: The Doña Effect (an excerpt): A Desperate Digital Dating Diary: A Titi Talk
    Abstract:   none available
    Pages: 154 - 161
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    Author:   Jennifer Moran
    Title:  Decolonial Healing Through Chicana Feminist Works
    Abstract:   BOOK REVIEW: Ellis, Amanda. 2021. Letras y Limpias: Neocolonial Medicine and Holistic Healing in Mexican American Literature. Tuscon: University of Arizona Press.
    Pages: 164 - 166
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    Author:   Rebecca Mendoza Nunziato
    Title:  Gifts of Song
    Title: Ceremony
    Title: and Spiritual Healing
    Abstract:   BOOK REVIEW of: Medina, Lara, and Martha R. Gonzales, eds. 2019. Voices from the Ancestors: Xicanx and Latinx Spiritual Expressions and Healing Practices. Tuscon: The University of Arizona Press.
    Pages: 168 - 173
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