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    Chicana/Latina Studies
    volume 21 number 1 (Fall 2021)
    Author:   Josie Del Castillo
    Title:  A Voice Without Words
    Abstract:   ARTIST STATEMENT
    Pages: 12 - 19
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    Author:   Sonya M Alemán
    Title:   Epidemics and Embodied Ways of Knowing .
    Pages: 22 - 26
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    Author:   Tisha Marie Reichle-Aguilera
    Title:  AM I CHICANA ENOUGH?: Identity (In)security in Chicana Poetry
    Abstract:   Using a Chicana Feminist lens grounded in Anzaldúan epistemology, I offer a close reading of “Confessions of a Pseudo-Chicana” (2018) by liz gonzález and “Study of a Part-Time Pocha” (2019) by Sara Borjas to reveal how these poems continue the tradition of deconstructing predetermined or fixed understandings of Chicana identity via literary production. As multi-generational U.S.-born, non-native Spanish speaking Chicanas, both gonzález and Borjas delineate mutable parameters of that particular cultural and political identity, reconcile some of the contradictions that have been part of Chicana/x identity formation and performance, and interrogate perceptions of authenticity. Additionally, the poems articulate the feelings of inadequacy a Chicana like myself experiences, especially because I do not express or project what are often considered key traits or markers, and as an academic, often must conduct myself in accordance with mainstream norms. This analysis addresses the tension between the utility of demarcating an imagined community of Chicanas and essentializing Chicana identity.
    Pages: 30 - 57
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    Authors:   Aída Hurtado and Sara V Hinojos
    Title:  RASQUACHE DOMESTICANA: Technologies of meXicana Self-Fashioning
    Abstract:   The theoretical frameworks of rasquachismo and domesticana are combined into an analytic for fashion that we term rasquache domesticana. We apply rasquache domesticana to the self-fashioning of meXicanas both within the domestic sphere and migrating into e-commerce by meXicana vendors. We use “meXicanas” (Fregoso 2003) to refer to women who embody the cultural exchange and hybridity between Chicanas and Mexicanas. We identify three technologies of self-fashioning meXicanas use: simple modification (adding embellishments, trims, and jewelry to mainstream garments to reflect meXicana culture), restructuring modifications (using garments to create other garments to express an ethnic aesthetic), and professional modification (professionals repurposing fabrics to create new clothing). We conclude that the symbolic forms used to adorn the body follow Chela Sandoval’s (2000) concept of movidas. meXicanas use movidas as survival tactics to represent their intersectional identities through the materiality of fashion and thereby resist patriarchal restrictions in their communities, bond with other women, and expand beauty standards beyond those imposed by mainstream fashion codes.
    Pages: 58 - 91
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    Author:   Grisel Y Acosta
    Title:  Injury, Healing, Truth, and Joy: The Body in Creative Writing
    Pages: 94 - 96
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    Author:   Elodia Esperanza Benitez
    Title:  EVA Y JULIA
    Abstract:   none available
    Pages: 98 - 99
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    Author:   Violeta Orozco
    Abstract:   3 poems
    Pages: 100 - 108
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    Author:   Dorotea Reyna
    Title:  SANDÍA,
    Abstract:   4 poems
    Pages: 110 - 121
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    Author:   Vanessa E Vega
    Abstract:   none available
    Pages: 122 - 124
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    Author:   Pico del Hierro-Villa
    Title:  REIMAGINING LA LLORONA: Looking into the Border Crisis
    Abstract:   none available
    Pages: 126 - 129
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    Author:   Guillermina Gina Núñez-Mchiri
    Abstract:   none available
    Pages: 130 - 134
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    Author:   Cynthia D Villarreal
    Title:  BOOK REVIEW: The Chicana/o/x Dream is Much More than Individual Success
    Abstract:   The Chicana/o/x Dream: Hope, Resistance, and Educational Success. By Gilberto Q. Conchas & Nancy Acevedo. Cambridge, MA: Harvard Education Press, 2020. Pp. 219. $33.00 (paperback).
    Pages: 138 - 140
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    Author:   C. Alejandra Elenes
    Title:  BOOK REVIEW: Madres Revolucionarias Transforming Chicana/Latina/Women of Color M(Other)Work
    Abstract:   Chicana M(Other)Work Anthology: Porque sin Madres no hay Revolución. Edited by Cecila Caballero, Yvette Martínez-Vu, Judith Pérez-Torres, Michelle Téllez, and Christine Vega. Tucson: University of Arizona Press, 2019. Pp. 336. $24.99 (paperback).
    Pages: 142 - 144
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    Author:   Cathryn Merla-Watson
    Title:  BOOK REVIEW: Illuminating Borderlands Spatial Stories in Marisol Cortez’s Luz at Midnight
    Abstract:   Luz at Midnight. By Marisol Cortez. McAllen, TX: Flowersong Press, 2021. Pp. 442. $18.95 (paperback).
    Pages: 146 - 148
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    Authors:   Lucinda Banegas-Carreon and Isaías Rogel
    Title:  BOOK REVIEW: Bearing Witness: Uniting Arabyya and Chicana Methodologies
    Abstract:   Women Resisting Sexual Violence and the Egyptian Revolution: Arab Feminist Testimonies. By Manal Hamzeh. London: Bloomsbury Publishing, 2020. Pp. 272. $85.50 (hardcover).
    Pages: 150 - 153
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