My post will be delayed this week. Stay tuned as I have completed my work on the website CONNECTed Voices that I discussed in my essay “Bridging Difference: John Slatin Changed Everything” (see last week’s blog post). While my stress related digestive pain continues to rob me of sleep, I feel somewhat improved. However a sadder reason prevented me from writing about my important work on the 1990s website CONNECTed Voices. Two of our two elderly cats have to be euthanized. It was a long weekend tending to our 13 and 15 year old cats, and this morning is the appointment. It is sad. I will cry more. Once I am able, I will replace this sad temporary post and share my insights about the 1990’s Chicana websites that I recorded and analyzed back in the old days before Web 2.0. I am glad to have work I care about and I look forward to sharing it 🙂 

Thoughts? Let me hear from you!

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